We welcome you to a grand celebration to enjoy what life has to offer and bask in its glory. We’ve a specific category for each mood and occasion. Do you feel the same everyday, no right? Each day is different and so is our taste, based on how you feel and when you want to plan your date. In order to accommodate your mood, timing and choice, we’ve categorised the escorts into 12 distinct options, please pick and choose according to your need. Feel free to browse through a;ll the categories and make yourself at ease when picking your option. It’s never too late to fulfill your desires, we are only a call away….

We have an array of Bangalore escorts suited to the needs of each and every person. Click on the Bangalore escort category as above and you would be directed to your favorite category. Each category has a few pictures, description of the type of service. In case you need any detail which is not mentioned in our catalog please reach our customer service executive and they would be glad to help you. If your business meeting finished earlier than planned, you have some 30min to an hour in between meetings, pamper yourself, schedule an appointment.

Suppose your first experience was rocking and your craving for the very same person again.You feel the air of comfort and happiness, want to schedule the same escort once again, we could arrange that for you. Your wish is our command, we’ll be your genie. Imagine the most wanted game where you get to pick and choose each player and also set your own rule….Bingo, you can now have the cake and eat it too.

Lazy Morning

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Are you tired of your 9am-6pm routine, need a change? Lazy Monday morning , not in a mood to go to the office, tired of the long meetings seeing the same faces at work, let us help you. Be it breakfast in bed, warm and cosy, a partner next to you. We’ll turn your lazy morning into one of the most enticing and fancy morning’s of your life. Just pick and choose the type of partner you're looking for and ensure to be fulfilled.

Lazy Morning escorts
Lunch Date escorts

Lunch Date

If you're looking for a lady next door easy teasy, a casual lunch and a breezy conversation, so here you go….Whether you want to end it on a restaurant table, a luxurious hotel or maybe an afternoon siesta in the comfort of your home, whatever it be we are here to serve you. A fancy lunch followed by a massage and happy ending is the most ideal thing to do. Happy ending do all of us know what it means, for the ones who don’t its when you reach your peak during sexual intercourse. Please just dial the number and inform us of your needs and requirements and be assured to have a pleasant time.

Evening Fantasy

So what do you have on your mind, a congenial partner, a fashionable dame or a naughty escort? Evening is the best time of the day, you could be at a serene lake or a fancy hotel, see the sunset and share your fantasies with a partner. Rejuvenate yourself with a glass of champagne, some fresh flowers, aromatic candles, a lovely lady by your side, set the mood. Today is the day when all your dreams will venture into reality. Be it whatever let us make this a memorable evening for you. So what are you waiting for? Pickup the phone and let us arrange this for you.

Evening Fantasy
Seductive Night escorts

Seductive Night

Your sex appeal is heightened at night is it so? The night is dark and gloomy but let's make it seductive and scintillating for you. Night seems the longest time of day if you don’t have anyone around or shortest if you have a companion. Whether you need a trusted confidant,boo in the bar or a partner in bed, we’re here to cater to your needs and provide you what you're looking for. It’s time to stop imagining and treat yourself to reality. Just give us a shout and leave the rest to us, enjoy your night….


Do we all know who Brunettes are, if not here you go...A white woman with dark brown hair,contrast combination sounds sexy isn’t? Are you imaging the lady now, you naughty little devil, propel your fantasies and desires in the fifth gear. Brunettes are the most wanted escorts, , aren't they? With the highest amount of sex appeal, if you fancy one of them, just uncork the champagne, let your hair down and indulge into your sensual self.

Brunette escorts
Ebony escorts


Ebony is a kind of hard blackwood, being correlated to a lady, isn’t it exciting how we associate ladies to wood. Ebony women hail mostly from Africa, Brazil or Sri Lanka with a perfectly fit body, anyway so if Ebony is your type we could schedule a revealing ebony damsel to satiate your desires. Ebony has the most unique combination of race ethnicity to accentuate your secual neeeds. Ebony is the way to go for a perfect evening and then late night hook-up, congratulations :)


Busty is a pretty common term which all of us are aware of, so if you fancy someone on the heavier side lets plunge into the waters and target for that. Busty ladies could be from any race or ethnicity, if there is some specific origin you're looking for, please inform us. Busty by the upper body and sleek by the lower body is the in thing, so let's provide this enchanting lady to you. In case you're looking for a specific bust size you could mention that to us, we’ll make it available for you, just start dreaming and we’ll fulfill your desires.

Busty escorts
Foreign escorts


Foreign is a wide term which is actually a little vague. So when you call us please make sure if you're looking for any specific nationality be it a Russian, Brazilian, Jamiacan, Estonian, Spanish, Asian, Chinese or American, please mention your requirements. Foreign ladies will conquer your heart and pleasure you in an intricate artistic way. There are many foreign escorts available from various parts of the world, so if there is a niche requirement, you could always ask for what you're wishing for, let us be your magic lamp and intrigue you.


A different day in our life summons for something different to break our monotonous daily routine. If you have a unique fantasy and need someone bisexual, no need to feel shy. Bisexual is the new sexy thing and we’re here to accept change and embrace it. Incase you need to learn new ways to pleasure yourself, be it a sex toy alongwith a escort, we are here to service you. Be bold, be yourself and let us make it a thrilling experience for you.

Bisexual escorts
Open Minded escorts

Open Minded

Are you a tyro/fresher in this field? Don’t worry our Bangalore escorts could teach you how to get there, what all is required to satisfy your partner. Be it a college student or a working professional if you need some tips and practical workshops on how to woo your loved one we could help you with that too. Open Minded the name itself implies that could query the escort in case any questions or practical lesson to be learnt. Don’t feel awkward or shy, please come out of your shell and pose your questions.


Are you a little dirty when it comes to your intimate side? Oh yeah… let's explore what all options are available to satisfy your lustre We can have duo escorts if you need to or you could mention the gender and number of escorts when you reach out to us. The more the merrier holds good for this type of escort category, as many as you want we could arrange that for you. All the escorts are experienced and would provide the perfect level of expertise to pleasure you. Your self- indulgence and desires are only an appointment away.

Orgy escorts
BDSM escorts


BDSM we’ve all heard this term, but do we know what this acronym stands for? Bondage Dominance Submission and Masochism, the urban has various acronyms to build on sexuality. YOu might have seen one of those X-rated movies doing various kinds of stuff now you could experience it first hand. Whether you fantasy yourself blindfolded or your partner, we could melt you in like icecream and caramel sauce to satisfy your sensual needs. Mention all your requirements so we have the props ready to give you a rocking experience.